Previous Activation/Registration Flow


Tablet home

Select the START UP icon


Welcome screen: Press Continue

*Note: This screen appears whenever hitting the start up button, even after the device has been activated.


Wi-Fi connection message

Choose Disable Wi-Fi

Activation screen

Tap to zoom in

Example of dropdown content: appears in a pop up below

Press the What is this link


Example of error messaging: displayed inline

After all fields are filled in, press Activate device


Empty dropdowns show up when entering DOB and PIN

Error messages appear even before completing the specific field.


Waited on this screen for the next 36 or so hours...


Displays a high level FAQ, regardless of what link I previously pressed


This is the screen that appears after registration to My.T-Mobile


After pressing Redeem, I got another SMS


We did not get any confirmation after activation. Called care, and were told to wait up to 24hrs. After about 36hrs called care again, and after being transferred several times among representatives (40min call), our device was finally activated!

Fill in required fields and press Continue

After some refreshes this screen appeared

And after some more refreshes I got the Log-In screen. My name was pre-populated in the top field, even though I couldn't sign in with a name, and had to provide a number (which at this point I had already forgotten I was sent one by SMS)

This page also appeared with an error message saying my prepaid pass has expired, even though this is the first time for me visiting this page, I hadn't even had a chance yet to enter the pass number I purchased while buying the tablet.


I first chose the Credit/Debit option

And got to a Vesta page with Auto Refill overview

Pressed Continue

I went back to the previous page and clicked the Credit/Debit link again

This time I got to the correct Vesta payment page!

When accidently pressing Continue without filling out anything on the form, I got an error message that explained everything!

Back to the payment options page

Choose the Prepaid Card option

My.T-Mobile home after my pass is redeemed

This is the Manage page

I Pressed Refill Account

Pressed one of the payment options

If I go back and choose a different payment option, I get this Purchase Summary

From the home page, I chose Change Plan and Services and got this error message

I inserted my Pass PIN and pressed Submit

I pressed Redeem