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Hello, world!

My name is Noa and I am a multidisciplinary creative professional living in Seattle, WA. I highly admire fine art, but I also have a very practical mind. That is why I can be so good at creating user experiences. My work is the outcome of carefully crafted logic and emotion. In that way, I deal with the challenges of transforming jumbles of raw data into simple, concise information graphics that are easy to understand and visually appealing.
During my non-designing hours, I enjoy life to the fullest as much as possible with my amazing husband, being a mother to an adorable little girl, playing the piano, reading, drawing, hiking, traveling, and playing board games.

Why Me?
  • ▪ I believe that listening and being open is the best way to approach a project.
  • ▪ I am obsessed with usability and good interaction design.
  • ▪ I believe the best ideas come out of unlikely places.
  • ▪ I am always curious about why and how things work the way they do.
  • ▪ I always stay up to date with new technologies, know how to use them and how to explain them.
  • My process

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