How do you design a tool intended for a travel agent who never got on a plane in his life, to seem like an expert on every tourist location in the world?

How do you take multiple systems that agents use today to book a travel, and turn them into one simple interface?

And finally, how do you make that system universal for global users?


Our concepts and ideas come from deep research at call centers, combined with business requirements. We conduct weekly phone interviews with our agents, and travel to the call centers all over the world to conduct usability tests and focus groups. Our big advantage is that we know every one of our customers and have access to each one of them, which allows us to really refine the design and be very detail oriented.


Our research and design efforts resulted in a tool we call Voyager. Voyager is designed in a universal way for global users, and succeeds in: (1) Making the agent answering the phone seem like an expert, familiar with the place the customer wants to go to and can answer questions about that location, give tourist advice, directions, etc. (2) Being a tool that supports multiple products (flights, hotels, packages and more). (3) Answering Expedia's business goals as well as the brand's customer facing goals.

  • UX Architect, Innovator; 2012-2013