• Nostalgia

  • History

  • Opening the Memory Box: A glow signifies the arrival of a new letter

  • Take the letter out of the box… and it will automatically turn into a written letter.

  • Because this e-mail functions as a postcard, it enables to find a letter by remembering its visual look.


Design a product, or a system, that uses technology to connect between people, from close friends to strangers.


Every year the research department at Microsoft holds a Design Expo Conference, in which they present technology innovations and research developments.

As part of this conference, Microsoft holds a competition to develop new conceptual product ideas based on a theme. The purpose of these conceptual prototypes is not to show a finished ready to use product, but instead to confront problems dealing with everyday lives and define creative solutions, offering a different perspective to technology and its uses.

In 2004, the expo topic was Communication through Technology: People to people, from close friends to strangers.

My Memory Box:

I worked with Iris Shoor to develop My Memory Box, a product that offers a way for people to communicate with the speed, accessibility and ease of e-mail, without sacrificing the excitement of opening a real-world mailbox in hopes of finding a letter from a close friend. The wooden Memory Box contains a set of removable postcard-sized electronic screens, each displaying an individual e-mail message.


At the Microsoft Design Expo, this project won the title Most Outstanding Innovative Idea.

I wrote a summary paper describing my process and intentions for this product.

  • Industrial Designer + UX Architect + Innovator + Visual Designer; 2004