How do you send important multimedia messages to your friends and family from wherever you are, whenever you want to, and in the best resolution possible?

For example, picture yourself at a shoe store, debating which shoe to get between a few selected ones. You want to send a picture of the shoes to your friends and ask them which looks best on you. And, you need their response to come immediately, because you are waiting in the store!

But, you want the picture to be seen by your friend in the best resolution possible, whether he's at his PC, at home in front of the TV, or waiting for the bus with his mobile.

About TriPlay:

TriPlay developed converged rich media communication solutions across Mobile, TV and Web based platforms. The idea was to relieve the user from the barriers of technology, devices and networks. Whether you're at your PC, at home in front of the TV, or waiting for the bus with your mobile, messages come directly to you, formatted for your device.

I joined the company in 2005 when it was still a wee seed and helped grow it into its robust glory days. Our 2 main clients were Pelephone Communications and Deutsche Telekom, which whom we worked to develop "TriPlay CrEWs", a product that enables a group of friends to communicate with each other using TriPlay's Super Messaging platform.

As UX team leader, I was accountable for all the designs we produced as a team, which included the full design cycle, from initial conception, to final visual representation.


In 2008 our start-up relocated from Tel Aviv to New York, where we grew our client base tremendously. Presenting the ideas got us partnerships in 185 countries around the world, enabling our innovative mobile services to enhance the mobile experience for millions of users.

  • UX Team Lead + Visual Designer; 2005-2008