How do you take all the Windows 7 desktop wallpapers and map them to the different Windows Live products, which have different sizes and text restrictions? The goal was to make each theme work for web, messenger and Windows mobile. Of course each of these devices is very different in scale, resolution, the amount of text on them and the way people interact with them. The general look of each theme had to remain consistent across all devices.


Using Illustrator and Photoshop, I designed the outline for each theme, mapping them to the different products. Then, after the mapping was done I could focus on polish and refinement, making each theme look good on each of the products, and adjusting the themes to work internationally for several different languages.

While working on these designs my goal was to simplify the presentation of each theme as it transitions from desktop to other devices, while still maintaining a strong resemblance to the original artwork. In this way I was able to accomplish a strong visual user experience for each product.


This effort resulted in a rich and consistent look and feel for all of the Windows Live products. I loved this design work because I got to work hands on with extremely high fidelity illustration assets, created by artists all over the world that Microsoft had chosen to design their desktop wallpapers.

  • Visual Designer; 2009-2010